Quality products for you. Quality of life for others.

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Fair Trade Clothing

Benefits local communities in developing countries

Organic Cotton

Good for the environment and you

Designer Tees

Designed by local artists here in Australia


By purchasing our clothing you are giving someone a chance at life.

How we got started...

Our clothing is an expression of our self, so we started thinking ‘What about the people that make the clothes? Do they get the opportunity to enjoy the same things we enjoy?’. We wanted clothes that looked good, were affordable and made sure that the people involved in making them had a decent quality of life. Finding these clothes proved challenging and so we set about creating them ourselves.

All our clothing is -

ETHICAL: Guaranteed to be absolutely free from sweat shop labour; our shirts are made from 100% Fairtrade certified cotton. They’re made in factories with decent working conditions, where workers are paid a ‘living wage’ to provide for their families and an education for their children. Plus, their local community receives a portion from each sale for development projects.
SUSTAINABLE: We use eco-friendly materials, and all our clothing is made from 100% certified Organic cotton - which is better for farmers and the environment. 
FASHIONABLE: We work with local artists and designers to develop products that can be part of your everyday life. We only use high quality materials to deliver a product you’ll want to wear and wear.