About Us

Quality Products. Quality of life for others.


By purchasing our clothing you are giving someone a chance at life.


How we got started...

Our clothing is an expression of ourself. It can be a way of letting people know about who we are and the lifestyle we choose to live. Here at Life Threads we started thinking ‘What about the people that make the clothes? Do they get the opportunity to enjoy the same things we enjoy?’. We wanted clothes that looked good, were affordable and made sure that the people involved in making them had a decent quality of life. Finding these clothes proved challenging and so we set about creating them ourselves. All of our clothes are Fairtrade Certified, which means the whole process from the growing of the cotton, the picking all the way through to the manufacture and printing of our neck labels are done in an ethical way. The farmers who make our products are paid a fair wage that can support their families. Our shirts are manufactured from 100% organic cotton in India and then our designs are printed here in Australia.

All our clothing is -

FAIR: Guaranteed to be absolutely free from sweat shop labour; our shirts are made from 100% Fairtrade and organic certified cotton. They’re made in factories with fair working conditions, where workers are paid a ‘living wage’ to provide for their families and an education for their children. Plus, their local community receives a portion from each sale for development projects.

FASHIONABLE: Life Threads works with local artists to develop high quality products that can be part of your everyday life. We only use quality materials, like organic cotton, to deliver a product you’ll want to wear and wear.


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