Quality Products for you. Quality of life for others.

Life Threads is committed to bringing you Fair Trade clothing with great designs, using only high quality material. Our ethical fashion line is made from fairtrade and organic certified cotton, so you'll look good and feel great in a Life Threads Tee.

Fair Trade Clothing

Life Threads - Summer 2014 range

Why Fair Trade Clothing?

When you purchase a Life Threads T-Shirt, you are guaranteed that it has been made without any child labour or exploitation.

Through fairtrade certification, the cotton farmers and garment workers are paid a decent, living wage, giving them and their family a chance in life.  This empowers communities and breaks the cycle of poverty. We're all about ethical fashion, and want to create quality clothing that also bring quality of life for those in developing countries.

Why Organic Cotton?

You'll immediately notice the difference when you put on a Life Threads T-Shirt.

All our clothing is high quality, looks good, and feels great. We only use high grade organic certified cotton, which is better for farmers, workers, the environment and you! Organic cotton is free from harmful pesticides, chemicals and genetically modified material.

Plus, by buying organic, you receive a high quality product that looks good and feels great.

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Fair Trade Clothing

Benefits local communities in developing countries

Organic Cotton

Made from 100% organic cotton

Designer Tees

Designed by local artists here in Australia

Quality products for you. Quality of life for others.

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